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A friend of mines "copies" drawings, and claims it as their own. Their logic is that they've "spent hours looking at the drawing, and copying it on paper" like a printer. They say it's THEIR art because they copied it and that no one has a right to say it's stolen, because apparently it's not.
But when you "copy" something, would you consider it art theft?
I personally think it's theft because it didn't come from you, you aren't the original artist. So what if you spent your whole life copying it, it's still not yours. Going on Google or DragoArt, searching up a picture, copying it, and saying it's yours is pure theft (to me) (and I know it will not take you hours if you use DragoArt, it'll take like less or about 30 minutes)
Moonshine by Zevono
I've returned (probably for a short amount of time)
I have been working on improving my style and effects (shading, lighting, etc.) While I was gone.
in other news, I'll be "renewing" and renaming my TLK comic, "Reality", to "Young Life".
here, have the human form of Stella<\small>

Art by me
Foxy the animatronic by Zevono
Foxy the animatronic
From Five Nights At Freddy's (scariest game since idk)
Who should I do next? :3
if anyone says golden freddy I will cry.

Foxy and FNAF does NOT belong to me
Part I
Alev wakes up to find himself in space, flaoting. He cocks a eyebrow(?), as he looks behind, an asteroid heads directly for him. He flies out of the way, and shivers after doing so. He discovers a star and flies around it to study it. The star flies off, Alev is startled by its movement. It invites Alev on a adventure through space. He follows, gliding, and looking around. The star seems to catch on alevs boredom,  so it challenges alev to a space race. The one who makes it to the asteroid belt first wins (star points at the asteroid belt). They position,  and are ready to go. When the star shines it's brightest they go. When they reach the belt they have a nice laugh.

Part II
The star notices an island, it has sand, which some of it overflows, and falls into the bottomless space. There are two parts to the island, they're connected by a bridge. But the island looks like a mini beach, and the other part looks as if there were a small cliff, with stone tiki dragons surrounding it. Alev and the star look at each other.  Alev smiles, then flies to the island. The star follows. Once they reach the island, they look around. While the star is distracted,  Alev throws sand at it. The star looks at alev with a somewhat mischievous look, and throws sand back at alev. They start playing around.

Part III
Alev look at the other part of the island, then looks back at the star, insisting that they go. The star has a funny feeling about it, but goes along with alev. As they cross the bridge the background changes, the planets seem to be crumbled/broken, but they don't notice. Once they reach the land and walk around a big rock that only shows a small part of what's behind, they find the small cliff with the big stone tiki dragons, but they never saw the Grey, half rainbow that has a storm cloud supporting it when they were looking from overview.  A blue dragon comes from behind. It's alevs mother (aka queen kitty). Alev is happy to see her, which he hugs her. The star seems wary. Kitty grabs both of them and glides to the half grey rainbow. Alev flies off her and studies the half rainbow. He smiles and starts to fly around it (swirling) starting by the cloud. The Grey colors turn to their actual colors and the other half appears. Kitty is shocked, but happy and hugs alev. She puts him down and glides to the edge of the cliff and sits. Now alev and the star are wary. When alev flies to her and taps her shoulder, she turns her head. Her eyes are static, and black ooze drips from her mouth, but she smiles. Alev and the star are freaked out and alev flees behind the star. He closes his eyes.

Part IV
When his eyes open, the ground is a floor that shine lavender(with a white border), above them is a white staircase. Alev is dressed up and so is the star. Alev smiles at the star, the star makes a duck face and stays in its spot. Alev steps onto the lavender floor, and in front of him is a lady(same like him, but with different colors and design) they walk towards each other, and once they reach each other, they bow in respect. Alev offers to dance, she accepts. So they dance. The star watches and smiles. When they're done, Alev turns around.

Part V
 When he turns around everything is black with white lining. The star is right next to him. They're in a forest. Alev turns around to find the same background, so he starts walking slowly with the star right next to him, alevs tail is drooping. Trees fall with no notice until close by them, shadows appear with no one creating them. Soon alev and the star are tired and lay beside a tree, and close their eyes.
SPOILER (storyboard for thing)
Can you guess what this is based on? (TH fans will probably get it)
meow by Zevono
the design is based on a stuffed cat someone gave me uwu


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that one person
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